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Re: What to do.

On Wed, Feb 16, 2000 at 06:25:34PM +0000, Keith Lucas wrote:

> >Don't I need to allow people to create the basic scenery meshes before
> >I allow that addition of objects to the map?

> One assumes the scenery will be made of modules.

> You need to let people create modules and then let the join modules together.

I was thinking about having a map construected from tiles.

> >The problem I've got to this time it I don't know how I'm going
> >to allow people to create the thing that needs to be created.
> >And if I don't know how the user interface is going to work
> >it is kind of hard to code.

> EG: Landscape. They select "make landscape" from a menu. You ask them for X and
> Y vertex count, and a vertex spacing. You give them a flat mesh, and let them
> tug the verticies up and down. Save and load those bits and then let people load
> in several at once and manipulate them around - include a tool to join edges
> together by lining up verticies.

> Stuff like that.

Yeah, like that only different.

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