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Re: First release of Blocks: a 3D Tetris LookALike based on Crystal Space

On Wed, 23 Feb 2000, Steve Baker wrote:

>In general, far too many Linux games are just clones of 10 year
>old games from other platforms - that's a shame too.

Hmm, what would be a new and fresh idea then? Most ideas are already used
i various forms, and it's really hard to come up with a original idea
anymore. It's a bit like movies, most movies follow the same ideas with
som variations, with a few that are really original.

Ten years ago games were much more original than they are today. Todays
games are just shallow 3D creations without real depth, so I don't mind
anyone taking a good idea from "the past" and basing a game on that.

I like strategy-games most of all, but what has happened on that front for
the last 10-15 years? Nothing. Some better gfx, but at the cost of more
shallow gameplay. In that category most of the good games are really old,
and it would be a shame to not revive them. 

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