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Re: First release of Blocks: a 3D Tetris LookALike based on Crystal Space

Jorrit Tyberghein wrote:
> > I don't want to come on too hard on Tetris authors.  The appeal
> > of writing a Tetris clone as a learning exercise or as a teaching
> > tool (as I suspect 'blocks' is) is that everyone knows what the
> > game is all about - so you can get right into the coding.
> >
> > I just wish that people who actually want to contribute a
> > useful/interesting piece of software to the Linux community
> > would stop and use just a LITTLE imagination and write something
> > new.  Linux needs more great games - but adding yet another
> > Tetris is just a horrible waste of time and talent.
> >
> Well two things. Personally I like playing games like this and I wasn't
> actually aware of other 3D versions.

There are commercial 3D 'generalizations' of Tetris too - I remember
one on the Atari ST - I'm *sure* there have been others.

> Second, in this case I don't think the time is wasted even if NOONE
> plays it. The point is that Blocks itself is actually very small. The main
> work was in Crystal Space which is a general library. So this work
> pays of for other games that will/can use Crystal Space.

I agree that as a test/example program for Crystal Space, it's entirely
appropriate.  When people are reading the code and learning CrystalSpace,
it'll be useful that they'll already have a good idea of how the rules
of the game work and can concetrate on learning about the game API.

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