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Context switching woes

I'm getting a *lot* of support from MS on this issue, but I'd better check
the details for the Linux version of the game...

I'm trying to avoid a future problem of random context switches when it
comes to critical sections of the code. The Win32 API has some useful
functions to manage this, which apparently operate on some x86 instructions
(I've even got permission from MS to disassemble their routines and do a
port to Linux, how funky is that?)

Before I do this, however, I was wondering what the critical sections
functions in pthreads are like? (MS also tells me that Win32 has true
pthread support, it's part of the undocumented APIs...). If there is decent
support, I can use that to save me plenty of hard work in the long run.

Anyone willing to point me in the right direction?

(if you can get over the shock of MS helping someone with Linux development,
apparently they've written a book on getting Win32 programs ported to Linux
and vice-versa...)

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