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Fast mouse pointer

What coul be a portable way to create a _fast_ full-colored mouse pointer?
I'm actually using a software cursor, but since SDL refresh under X is very 
slow, the cursor is slow too...

SDL provides a (ugly, i think) system to provide a hardware (or at least more 
hard-coded) pointer, but just black and white.

I thought about working under console framebuffer and gpm, as the framebuffer 
is very fast and should be capable of redrawing the pointer several times per 
seconds, but it seems i can't change gpm threshold, so that i have a 80x25 
mouse space versus a 800x600 graphic space... even worste, gpm seems much 
like a dead project: no official site or support (or i just can't find it...)

Any idea?
Thanx, Francesco Orsenigo