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Re: Kyra Sprite Engine and autotools

Pablo Ariel Duboue wrote:
Have you tried setting up a chroot for compilation?
You can trick the tools into using your SDL instead of
the system ones. Then you can use LD_PRELOAD or
LD_LIBRARY_PATH to beat the system libraries with your
own versions in your runGame scripts. I know it is a
huge hack but if it works... one less problem :-)

Actually I managed to figure it out. Apparently some of the generated scripts had the previous prefix included and they didn't get updated. I currently have my build scripts untarring my own libraries, configuring them with a prefix in my project's subdirectory, and then make && make install. Then when I build my game, I just specify that subdirectory as the location of the libraries.

It's working so far, and I've learned a lot about autoconf/automake...just not enough to understand how any new project could ever get started using them. B-)

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