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Re: Reasons not to fear Linux game development

Rob Kaper wrote:

>in size and unmatched in growth rate. A <survey (link needs to be resolved
>at /.)> concluded that the growth of Linux in 1998 was 238% and it is
>unlikely to stop growing with all the momentum it has been getting lately.

IIRC it was 212% - and only in the server area. We should be honest here.
But a link to lwn's 1998 Linux timeline would be a really good thing in
this place (http://lwn.net/1998/1224/timeline.html  IIRC), showing the
massive growth.

>users: they are not fanatics refusing to run any propriairty software.

proprietary ;)

>growing and very popular operating system. At the end of 1999 many database

1998 ?

>vendors made sure that their names were known in the Linux community inthe


Nice piece, Rob (and please excuse my excpression errors etc - I'm tired ;)



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