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Not a HOWTO but a guide of some sort...

	...is what is needed! I would like to begin coding a game but I don't know
where to start. I have recently installed Linux and have begun to look at
what is out there to use for putting pretty pictures on the screen. 
	GNOME? KDE? GTK? PenguinPlay? GGI? SVGALib? Mesa? OpenGL? CrystalSphere?
etc, etc, etc. Docs I can read. But, which one is best for what? Strengths?
Weaknesses? Individual reviews would be useful, but a concise, to-the-point
comparative review of options would be even more valuable. Unfortuanetly,
such a review can only be written by one experienced in many of these
toolkits, and I think that person must be rare indeed! Also, as someone
else pointed out, any linuxer interested in game programming is probably
too busy figuring out the same questions and coding to be bothered to put
something like that together. However, if someone out there has even a
vague inclination to do it, I implore you to do it! :) (Yeah, like that'll
do it.)

	Sometime soon, I guess I'll just have to setup my dartboard and pick one
and code a CRPG, dammit! :) :)

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