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Re: Is Linuxgames still alive?

On Wed, 6 Jan 1999, Darel Finkbeiner wrote:

> - create ports where items can be traded.
> - create ships to transport these items
> - create a star system to put the ports and ships in, simplest version 
> would be one port per star to begin with
> - create a market, a way of varying the price of items from port to port 
> and a system of currency

Sounds like Tradewars (DOS BBS doorgame), what sort of user 
interface did you have in mind ? Single user or multiuser ?

There is (or was) a role playing game put out by GDW called 
Traveller. It had a good economic/trading & star ship movement 
system, unfortunately it has been so long I only vaguely remember 
how it worked. If using a pre-existing system for guidelines 
interests you, I should be able to give a skeleton of the basics
it used.

> making it a Java project.  If someone wants to help me out, and insists
> that it must be in C  or whatever, I can bend.  But if it is simply
> you have no experience with Java, then I would say that Java is very
> easy to learn. 

I'd be happy to help with programming if it is done in C, as I don't 
know Java. Java might be a simple language to learn, but that shift 
from a C mindset to a Java put me off. (I did try to learn it)