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Re: Not a HOWTO but a guide of some sort...

> 	...is what is needed! I would like to begin coding a game but I don't know
> where to start. I have recently installed Linux and have begun to look at
> what is out there to use for putting pretty pictures on the screen. 

These are desktops, not ways in which to code games. 

> GTK? 

GTK, I would avoid this for now.  The API changes with every damn release
breaking everything.  Nothing seems to really be backwards compatible.  If
your going to use GTK you have to really be on top of this. 

Using QT might not be bad, but then again if you want performance you
should use raw Xlib. 

> PenguinPlay? GGI?

GGI will not ever be standard with kernels -- as far as linus is
concerned.  I've talked to Alan Cox about this and he basically said that
a better standard such as working on the fbcon (frame buffer console)
would be a better direction than GGI.  I don't know for myself here.. but
his is coming from alan cox, and I trust his word.  If someone is going to
use your software with GGI they will have to patch their kernel.  How many
people out there are going to do that?  

>  SVGALib? Mesa? OpenGL? CrystalSphere?

Using Mesa or the CrystalSpace stuff would probably be the best bet.