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Re: outline for Linux Game Programing

On Thu, 7 Jan 1999, Ian Crawford wrote:

> What about sound? music? input? networking? taking advantage of the OS?

I was actually thinking that thouse topics would go under there places in
the libraries but I think your approch would be better

> I also don't think that each library needs it's own chapter.

see above

> Sorry this is so short, but I'm on my way out.  I think that this book
> is a great idea and I will gladly write/maintain a section or two.

SIGN UP WHILE THERE HOT! no really let me know which ones you are
interested in.

> Expect more from me tomorrow.
outline 0.0.2 :)
    1. Introduction
          + About this book
          + About the authors
          + What is Linux
          + Why use Linux as a game development environment
          + What do I need to get started
    2. Starting the design process
    3. Writing a simple game
    4. Stepping up the process
    5. Choosing a development language
    6. Choosing a graphics library
          + SVGAlib
          + X11
          + GGI
          + SDL
          + ClanLib SDK
          + PTC
          + GAMES
          + PenguinPlay
          + GTK and QT
          + Mesa and OpenGL
          + CrystalSpace   
    7. Choosing a sound library
          + OSS          
          + ASLA
          + Penguin Sound                
          + etc...                
    8. Choosing a networking library
    9. IO for the masses      
   10. Porting to and fro             
   11. Licensing your game        

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