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Re: more about libs

> CrystalSpace
>   API stability: D
>   portability:   Not sure.  In some places, I'm hearing
>                  that it runs on Linux, Win32, DOS,
>                  BeOS, OS2, Amiga, Mac, *BSD, Sun,
>                  SGI, TRS-80, and AlienOS from ID4.  In
>                  other places, I hear that although
>                  it's supposed to be really portable,
>                  many of the ports don't function.  I
>                  know for sure that it runs on Linux!

The following ports are considered 'stable':
    - Linux and Unix in general (like Solaris)
    - FreeBSD
    - BeOS
    - OS/2
    - Windows

The following ports work but may have some problems:
    - Macintosh

The following ports are broken:
    - DOS/Watcom
    - Amiga


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