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Re: linuxgames.org on php !!!

on the first page the whole news section is dynamic ( I'll have the editing
stuff up and running by monday :) 

and in Tools / platform the lib/api information is dynamic

test 1 2 3

Homepage                        http://www.test.com
Type                            testingtype what else
Developed by                    who else
Description                     test for Low Level Api stuff           
Supported Platforms             Linux
Main Language                   C
Existing Language Wrappers      C++
Development status              Released
Latest Version                  0.01

the rest is static 

In the end I hope that all the API / Lib / Example info / games / SDKS / SDK
compatibility and links will be dynamic 

most ofther things are in include files that can be updated manually .. but if
need be I can make it all dynamic 


On 08-Jan-99 Ian Crawford wrote:
> Looks good.  Out of curiousity, how much of that is dynamic content?
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