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RE: Linux and the Independent Game Festival


Just wanted to let you know that we just added a threaded discussion section
for Linux game programming on Gamasutra (at
http://www.gamasutra.com/connection/threads/ , and the specific area is
located in the "Programming" section). I'm not sure if there's one
particular site out there that Linux game developers congregate at already,
but we're hoping we can help facilitate discussion among Linux developers
via our site.   We're also interested in getting more Linux game development
articles on the site, and welcome any suggestions as to how we can make the
site better for Linux game developers.

FYI, if you try to get to this page and you're asked for a password, just go
to the homepage to join.  It's free, and joining is just the way that we can
help provide information about members once they start using the discussion
sections.  (We try to keep it a little more civil than Usenet. :) )

Hope all's well, and talk to you soon.



Alex Dunne
Editorial Director
Game Developer/Gamasutra
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San Francisco, CA 94107
(p) 415.905.2528
(f) 415.905.2228