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Re: question about licenses in relation to games ...

> Would any of the GNU/GPL/etc licenses forbid putting an ad
> banner within the code from which money would be generated?
> So then the game itself would remain free, as in it would
> not
> be bought or sold, but profit off the game would be solely
> from the ad banner.  Its a little hard to describe what I'm
> getting at.  The freeware version of webferret does what I
> am describing,
> http://www.ferretsoft.com/netferret/download.htm

That's actually an interesting way of doing it.. though I think it would
be easier if you had a server that hosted the game.. such as battlenet and
when you logged in you got hit with a short spam of some company for 5
seconds.. or soem crap like that.  It might be hard to update in the
actual code.  You could name the home planet of the alien after the
company sponsoring it and change that on a daily basis or something.. 

I can't check out ferret.. (no windows boxes anymore) so I can't tell
exaclty what you mean.