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Re: outline for Linux Game Programing

> 	But would the stengths/weaknesses depend on the game type? I mean, there
> are FPSs, RTSs, CGRPs, wargames or simple little sidescrollers, etc. What
> if one set of tools would be best for one game type, whereas another would
> be best for another? What sample game do you choose? (It'll obviously be a
> simple one. I doubt anyone has the time to code four or more versions of
> Unreal... :) )
I was actualy thinking our little hem... I mean Linroids game would be the
simple little game that did things like showing how to create the
skelleton of ...

Then examples of other games could be used scattered through out the book
of best of senerios for each of the situations. ie the authors decision
and then put I higher level game together at the end that would showcase
the best of libs.

It would be nice to have a game there that did both 2d and 3d for diferent
levels or something sound networking IO hacks gasm speed ups you know the

As for the design angle thing I usualy dont think about the things that
are personal strenghts as being needed in howto manuals. :) So I guess I
will do that chapter.

I also might have a disagree ment on the Little game thing. Some people
should jump right in and go for the BIG project after all, thats what
Linus did.

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