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A simple question for a simple game :)

        Ok.... we've got several suggestions for the so called "simple
game" :)... now we have a problem...
which one should we actually do?... I mean, it really won't benefit us
that much if we divide ourselves over several games which have one
objective... which is to show off the different sdk's used for Linux

    Here are the factors to consider (correct me if I'm wrong or missing

    The Book.... (the LDP book that they we currently discussing)
    Simplicity.... It should be simple enough for a newbie to understand

    Interest.... We should be at least interested in it... or something
    Other libs.... We should first choose which sdk we'll use.... then
let the authors worry about porting     it       to the other sdks :)
    Scope.... As one post I read erlier stated, it should be a bit wide
in scope... he suggested that there should be a part that is 3d and
another 2d.... the problem with that is how do we create such a game
without compromising simplicity?
    Others...... well, if I left out other stuff to consider, then
please add to this.

    So as I said erlier... the main question here, is which one?...
Linroids, The economic strategy game, or the 3d/2d? asteroids game?...
which one do you think fits the bill perfectly?.. Thanks!!