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Re: Summary uploaded

Bert Peers <rat@larian.com> wrote:
> I've uploaded it for general bashing to :
> http://www.larian.com/rat/linuxg/sdkprojects.html

After a brief lookover, the only really, truly hideous
nagging problem with the page is the misspelling of
my name at one point.

Looks good.  It's no surprise that I like it, 
considering that I wrote the base for most of it :-).

We can afford to be precise in the GGI section, since
we know the facts, and there's plenty of confusion
surrounding GGI that we want to dispel.  There is NO
kernel patching required to run libggi, libgii, or
the developmental ggi extensions, libggi2d, libggi3d,
and libgwt.  It was developed to run on unpatched and
patched kernels alike.

A kernel patch certainly IS required to use KGI.
Fortunately, KGI IS NOT required to use libggi.
Since KGI is still developmental, perhaps it's 
worthwhile to not even mention it except for the 
purpose of clarification (and it would be transparent
to the programmer regardless).

Oh, one more thing, here's a link to xwinallegro that
you can add:
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