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Re: outline for Linux Game Programing

> >Sorry this is so short, but I'm on my way out.  I think that this book
> >is a great idea and I will gladly write/maintain a section or two.
> I'd volunteer for some of the PPlay texts (they have to be written anyway ;)
> As for the CVS - Can you handle that together with the other admin stuff?

Certainly.  CVS, anonamous ftp, mailing list archives.  We'll leave the
second mailing list for when become definitely necessary.  I'll send the
message now.

> I mean, you're the list owner; I think it would be best if all that things
> were taken care about by one person.
> As for the stuff that's needed - so far it's cvs space (for the game(s) and
> the book), ftp space (game gfx & other stuff cvs can't handle nicely, plus
> releases etc), propably a second mailing list and mailing list archives
> (AFAIK that's not set up yet for the linuxgames list - the PPlay lists are
> archived as local newsgroups (sunsite.linux.penguinplay.*) on
> sunsite.auc.dk)
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