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Re: XF86 and full-screen graphical console apps

Pierre Phaneuf schrieb:
> This would be just like the idea of Xggi using GGI, but having the core
> of XFree86 instead of GGI gives us a lot of already supported and proven
> hardware, good acceleration and a lot of configuration tools already
> done and working for that (creating the XF86Config file).

Sounds like a GGI FAQ.  "Why reinvent the wheel?"
Maybe the answer is partly in 
where it says Xfree86 is a big monolithic hunk of code.
Could be it was too hard to break it up.

On another topic - 
if you don't use KGI or SVGALIB or X, you can't
use GGI, right?  GGI requires one of the three, doesn't it?

- Dan
Speaking only for myself, not for my employer