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Re: interrupt current thread for a moment...

On Mon, 11 Jan 1999, Dan Kegel wrote:

>Bryan Patrick Coleman schrieb:
>> ... 'How do I build an RPM from Source.' ....
>> Exactly! Thats what I would like to see. Maybe even things like using rpm
>> in automake scripts so that when you type make it will make an rpm if you
>> are on an rpm system.
>Uh, isn't that backwards?  RPM runs make, not the other way around...
In a way but I like to do things against the grain. Besides here is my
thoughts on that one.

I like to use rpm on my system because i install stuff like crazy and its
a good way to keep track of it all ie no-brainer. 

Alot of the stuff I want to play with is in tar.gz format only so I end up
having to build the rpms myself.

Thats not a bad thing but the people that want to play games don't want
that hassle. So a generic tar.gz file that can be made and automaticaly
builds the right package for your system is a sweet deal. Well I guess I
could use alein but... 

Well one of the reasons I started to read this list was because on the web
page it said something about developing a better package handeling system
for installing large packages on a package that needs more than just what
rpm can do. And well that's what I am interested in right now. Thats why I
am just wanting to coordinate the book as opposed to jumping in with the
game devel stuff. Although I will eventually do that too. :-) (-:

Well back to the rpm thing it would allow for just one package for down
load that can be rpm'ized easly. Sort of like the problem that mike will
solving that untill its in an rpm some people will be reluctant to start
playing with it.

Actually I have been thinking that redhat should do this sort of thing
with the actual rpm package itself so that the rpm package would be built
with the rpm format of the rpm system installed. This would help with
manually upgrading.

Since I install lots of non-standard stuff or maybe its just me I have
never been able to succesfully upgrade using the upgrade option of the
redhat install. So I usually do some weired stuff to get the new rpm on my
system. Then I reinstall the new rpm with intself but it would be a lot
easer with a short cut. Also the rpm.tar.gz would facilitate the rpming of
a pre-installed system even non linux like solaris or something.

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