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Re: further stuff for php on lg site :)

>>Few quick questions :) 
> *grin*
>>Now this is current for each section I need suggestions of possible
>>for supported platform I need a list of all possible supported platform (
> Platforms are OS/Hardware combinations (Linux/ix86, Linux/PPC, BeOs/ix386,
> Irix/MIPS etc).
> I don't think it's possible to list all possible platforms. You should
> simply make that a text field.
> This should also be ok for searching - the speed loss compared to fixed
> lists should be neglible as we have only very few datasets.

ok .. changing to text fields ;) just hope people spell the names correctly ;) 
>>hardware only i should think ? ) as well as for all possible main languages ?
> For languages it's the same as for platforms. Either make it a plain text
> field or keep an (easily extensible !!) list of languages in a seperate
> table ,i.e. have a table listing all languages and have the tools reference
> them. E.g. by some bitfield-like thing - use the index of each language as
> its position in th bitfield. That way you can easily extend the thing (if
> you make the bitfield big enough) and can freely combine all languages.
>>Also should I keep status or add version for versioning ?
> Keep the detailed status info. But perhaps a seperate "version" entry would
> be nice.

will do :) 

>>Compatibility Standards :
>>List of known incompatibilities and their workarounds 
> This sounds like a good thing for fom - dunno if it can be solved equally
> with php.
>>                : list of item headers
>>                        : header
>>                        : problem description
>>                        : workaround description
>>                        : contact email of author
>>                        : contact email of workaround author
> possibly multiple workarounds, space for input by several authors

this section will be open for all to contribute to .. so once you submit a
incompatibility it'll be listed here untill somebody can a) prove it wrong B)
help with a workaround c) rewite the code for it ? *grin*

>>White papers of compatibility standards + comments on them 
>>                : list of white paper headers
>>                        : header
>>                        : Standerd info
>>                        : description
>>                        : url link for standerd
>>                        : mailinglist
> Sounds good (but perhaps the "mailinglist" thing isn't necessary).

was just suggestions .. I'm acualy looking for a possible information breakdown
of what should be covered in whitepapers * since I have never done one* and
most other sections that does not have any *major* information yet 

I think alot of people have information but no way to submit the info .. 

I'm hoping this will motivate people to submit all the info cramed in their
heads into the site ;) 

Henti :))