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The Author list for LGP

The following is a list of people that said they would help with the game.
I am sending this to the general list so as corrections can be made if
need be. If your name does not appear but you wish to help email me. 

Lots of people are interested in doing graphics but I don't have that many
people YET for other stuff. The more essoteric the better :)

In alpha order
Bryan Patrick Coleman bpcolema@uncg.edu
Ian Crawford icrawfor@uoguelph.ca
Michael Maher mike@redhat.com
Christian Reiniger warewolf@mayn.de
Johnny Taporg taporg@yahoo.com
Jorrit Tyberghein Jorrit.Tyberghein@uz.kuleuven.ac.be

And there seemed to be an implied I will help from
Paul Tiseo ptiseo@mediaone.net

I will have a more compleate layout design comming shortly. After this
point I will be sending mail directly to the above people and will only
post hey look at this's from this point. Well there will be the occational
plea for more authors. I will probably also try to find authors on
realated lists such as the ggi list :)

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