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Re: The Author list for LGP

Johnny Taporg wrote:
> Re: C vs C++
>   By the time someone's ready to write games, you
>   can pretty much assume that they're familiar with
>   a programming language, and it's probably one of
>   these two.  If you're coding a lib, and some users
>   are C coders, stick with C.  Otherwise, C++ has
>   been around long enough that you can go with
>   whichever one you feel the most comfortable with.
>   Some C++ (namespaces, exceptions, templates, STL,
>   RTTI) has been standardized recently, so you need
>   a recent compiler (egcs) to support it.
Two _possible_ cases where another language may
be worth considerations:

IF C++ programmers don't want a language w/o OO syntax
support, so they reject to use C throughout AND
C programmers reject C++ right away THEN, at least, they
could consider an OO language such as Objective-C or

IF speed is not very important, Java may be an option,
e.g. a game played over the network which is not graphic-
intensive and where it's considered good for people
to play w/ a Applet-style game client.  (Can be played
where you may not install software and the admin reluctant
to install it for you.)