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Re: dlsym() and C++

Quoting Bert Peers (rat@larian.com):
> Anyway, Pierre has a point that the strong link C++ enforces
> between interface and implementation is a problem.  From
> what I've read about OLE, the COM model is a pretty
> neat way around this.  It works by putting the functions
> you can call in a separate object.  The actual object
> containing the data then has only 1 member, which
> returns a pointer to that interface sub-object.  Obviously,
> this one-and-only member can be made so that it returns
> a different pointer/interface according to a parameter,
> which gives you inheritance and polymorphism all
> in one shot.  It sounds neat (especially for M$  I guess
> they ripped it somewhere :) though I'm not sure this
> short explanation is sortof clear ;)

I dislike the way COM works. When you upgrade your COM interface, you have
to do a QueryInterface to get the new one. Not very nice. I hate it when
using DirectX...

Magnus Norddahl