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Re: dlsym() and C++

Jorrit Tyberghein wrote:

> In Crystal Space we now use COM for integrating the several layers of
> the engine (like 3D rasterizer, 2D driver, 3D engine, ...). This works very well and
> we also ported this system to other OS'es (linux, OS/2, BeOS, Macintosh, DOS, ...)
> so we can use COM everywhere now.

This is interesting.  How was it done ?  Did you invent a completely
new but functionally identical system, or is it somehow "just" a
translation of the IUnknown, AddReference, Release, QueryInterface
scheme ?
I've been playing with the idea to use a COM like separation to
break the strong C++ interf/impl link too, but I wasn't too sure
about portability or even the right one has to reimplement this
(say you make a commercial app with the technique and then
MS sues the hell out of you), so I'm very interested in this
as some sort of case study...


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