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Re: question about GPL

Johnny Taporg schrieb:
> ... how does the GPL affect media (sounds,
> icons, images) distributed with a program?  Does the
> GPL apply to media other than source code?  Are the
> graphics/etc. automatically covered by the GPL?  If
> not, what license are they distributed under, and do
> you need to explicitly specify this license?

I think the GPL says you have to explicitly specify
which files it applies to - either by including 
a notice in the file itself, or in a LICENSING
file next to the files in question.

It's possible for the code to be under one license,
and the data under another, e.g. when a cd-rom game
company releases the code for an old game under GPL
or QPL, but requires you to own a copy of the CD-ROM
in order to use the images, sound, and other non-code
content of the game.
- Dan
Speaking only for myself, not for my employer