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Re: The Author list for LGP

Johnny Taporg wrote:

> > Most of the time, any input lib could be used with any graphics lib
> > (except for X, of course, which (theoretically) should be handing you
> > the input).
> And since it's very common to use X for graphical apps,
> and X event collection usually coincides with the
> flush routine of the graphics lib...

What I mean is that when you use X for graphics, you have to use X for
input (some cheat, assuming the X server and the X client is on the same
machine, but they shouldn't). When using console input, you are for sure
on the same machine, so you can use whatever you want for input.

> But like I said before, most input libs look quite
> similar, so it doesn't really make much of a
> difference to the developer.

Yes, of course.

> > Also, [MPL] was developed by enough Netscape lawyers to fill a
> > stadium, so it should be pretty solid.
> Heh.  This have me a pretty interesting image.  At
> one time, there was a strategy/RPG called Bloodbowl
> (not computer-based).  It was a cross between football
> and D&D, where you had teams of trolls, dwarves, etc.
> playing football/trying to kill each other.  Now, I'm
> imagining the same thing with lawyers.

I like interesting mental images. And your interpretation is even better
than my original one (one of a stadium simply filled to the ceiling with
lawyers). :-)

> > You have Zoid, certainly! And soon, I hope the Ludus Design people
> > will become "notable figures"... :-)
> Of course, Zoid!  And probably a few others.  I'm
> curious which of these guys interact with the
> community (make posts, reply to email, etc.).  There's
> Carmack's regular .plans, for instance.

Carmack's .plan are good, he often put interesting insight in there
(like the event thing I talked about)... I wish there was more of that
kind of thing!

> And best of luck to L.D.!


> Oh, one more thing before I sign off.  This is an
> amusing comment made recently by Steve "Satan" Hardt,
> the writer of the massively addictive unix/win32
> game, XEvil:
> "P.S. I've said it before and I'll say it again.  Fuck
> Microsoft.  And, especially fuck DirectX,  which
> crashes your machine randomly, and is completely
> inconsistent across platforms."


Pierre Phaneuf
Ludus Design, http://ludusdesign.com/