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Re: dlsym() and C++

Jorrit Tyberghein wrote:

> > > In Crystal Space we now use COM for integrating the several layers of
> > > the engine (like 3D rasterizer, 2D driver, 3D engine, ...). This works very well and
> > This is interesting.  How was it done ?

<snipped a very interesting summary>

> > (say you make a commercial app with the technique and then
> > MS sues the hell out of you)

> Well, we don't actually use any Microsoft code in our COM emulation
> so I doubt that we're doing something illegal here.

Well, yes, obviously, you wouldn't *want* to use MS code :)  But I was
more thinking about the actual patents or something underlying the whole
picture.  I can easily imagine this being "propriatery techniques".


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