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general game programming questions

does anyone know how to create a good 2d effect of 'fog'? what I want is a fog
which'd lay on the ground and change slowly. and also a 'smoke' effect (similar
but would not lay on the ground) - yes I know it could be done with some
transparent sprites, but I want it to look more like the 'fire' effects (which
almost everyone must have done already).

// crazy: some turbulences in the fog, according to other objects moving through
it :-)

the other question is: is there any free 'physics library' for 3d games
available? I want real time object mesh deformation, collision detection,
different material properties, gravity, friction etc. if the commercial games
can have it...hmmm, bullshit...it's just an idea ;

 Tomas Andrle
ICQ : 17688140
Two wrongs don't make a right (but they make me feel a whole lot better)