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Re: findfirst(), etc.

Hi Felix,

> I want to search for files:
> 	_filedata_t foo;
> 	bool ind= findfirst (foo, "*.*");
> 	findnext (ind, foo);
> 	findclose (foo);
> Perhaps, these functions are not 100%ly right. But I hope this make
> clear what I mean.

Generally, using opendir(), readdir(), and closedir() should do the
trick on any POSIX system.
You'll have to filter out filenames that don't contain a '.' manually,
Alternatively, you could use the BSD scandir() function- but it's likely
that some unices won't support it.

A general hint: If you want to do something and don't know how to do it,
try "apropos <topic>". This will often point you to man pages dealing with
this (or a related) topic.