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Re: Tools

Steve Baker <sjbaker1@airmail.net> writes:

> Well, at present the digital joystick market is dominated by
> Microsoft - and the joystick-with-force-feedback market even more
> so.  That makes it hard for Linux driver writers to EVER get those
> peripherals working.

Just a snip from: http://atrey.karlin.mff.cuni.cz/~vojtech/joystick/

----------- snip ------------------
Currently supported devices are (in hopefully alphabetical order): 

  Microsoft SideWinder 3D Pro 
  Microsoft SideWinder Force Feedback Pro 
  Microsoft SideWinder Force Feedback Wheel 
  Microsoft SideWinder FreeStyle Pro 
  Microsoft SideWinder GamePad 
  Microsoft SideWinder Precision Pro 
  Microsoft SideWinder Precision Pro USB 
----------- snip ------------------

I own a MS SideWinder 3D Pro myself and it works without any problems
under Linux and is fully supported. But don't know about ForceFeedback
of the other sticks.

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