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Re: Tools

Erik wrote:

>thing that pisses me off is <rant> when a game sets full screen (via dga or
>opengl) and I cannot switch out without quitting the game. Even on winblows, I
>can "alt+tab" to get back to where I got work going on. This annoyed me a lot

Not always. In fact >50% of my Win games become unstable or crash after

>buggy. The fast game drivers for windows are often very buggy, inducing all

Seconded. I'm still waiting for a Win32 driver for my TNT that is able to
display *all* elements in a given scene.

>help us" crap. My personal flamebait opinion is that those "advanced" tools and
>"wizards" are *BAD*. They promote bad code style, they promote ignorance of how
>it really works, they promote m$-like products. I use toys like that when I

I do a little Java coding for money, and I guess the JBuilder UI designer
really helps me to save some time. On the other hand - I just use it to
roughly place the controls (and verify the placement after manual (in-code)
adjustments). And the first step after that is always cleaning up the code
;)  (JBuilder generates fairly nice code, compared to other tools though)

>don't dos games have to act as the drivers for sound, video, joystick,
>networking, raw keyboard, etc? I remember seeing an aweful lot of sound card
>setup screens in dos games... :/


>> The thing is, the blitter on any modern video card can do most things
>> from 2 to 20 times faster than the very best hand optimized assembly
>> code. Straightforwardly usable in normal C or C++ using DirectX. Too

>I d'no, there's an aweful lot of ".asm" in quake and doom and wolf3d... 

Back in the time of doom and Wolf3d using asm for most of the gfx *really*
was the way to go. And Quake surely doesn't use asm for framebuffer access.
It uses OpenGL after all.


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