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Re: Tools

Bert Peers wrote:

>Does this mean the Linux community should, for
>it's own good, pick an SDK asap and officially
>declare it a monopoly ?  Is this what Christian
>tried to do, actually ?  (the PenguinX thing)

PenguinPlay. Yes, I tried that. And when I finally woke up from coma
and by nose stopped bleeding afterwards <grin> I Was Enlightened and saw
that it was a bad idea.

Look around at the various SDKs. In most cases the situation is pretty
nicely organized: You have drivers (kgi, XF86-4 driver modules, fbcon,
alsa-driver etc), then you have low-level libs (libggi, xlib & Co,
alsa-libs), many of which can work with *several* drivers, and then there's
mid-to high level SDKs (ClanLib, SDL, OpenGL, ...), many of which can work
with several low-level libs (or directly sone drivers).

That makes it pretty safe to just select some mid-/highlevel SDK to work
with, without having to worry that some element in the chain (highlevel -
lowlevel - driver) disappears.

Of course, this area still has to mature quite a bit, but game developers
shouldn't have to worry much about that.


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