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Re: use the tools

On 12-Jan-2000 Jan Ekholm wrote:
> On Tue, 11 Jan 2000, Erik wrote:
>>A couple other tools that I like are efence (helps find things like memory
>>leaks and bad memory accesses), gprof (profiling to find where your programs
>>are spending the most time and where to optimize), and memprof (gtk+ program
>>that profiles and watches for memory leaks). 
> Does efence work with C++ nowadays, i.e. new/delete? Last time I used it
> (about 4 years ago) it worked very well for C, but didn't do a thing when
> I tried C++. It is a very good product, so it would be really nice if it
> worked ok with C++. The version I have installed (2.1) does not mention
> C++ at least in the man-page...
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as far as I can tell, it does not. If I recall, the class destructor should be
called when a class falls out of scope, so if your destructors are correct, it
should be automically handled...? I think destructors cascade, too. Pretty much
anything in C that would be malloc'd or freed would be handled by a class in
typical c++. 

Looking through a whole bunch of debugging and developing utilities, I found
nothing for c++ memory debugging :/

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