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RE: am i a major problem?

On 13-Jan-2000 Bill Hirsh wrote:
> hi i seen bad messages about me i ws just wondering and i will answer
> all you questions.
> (this will majorly be off topic but well worth it)
> this sould explane the english problem.
> first off my mom took me out of school when i was in second grade
> andtold me she home school me but noo we dont hve enough money for that
> so it been 7 years and i havent gotten home school yet..

you have access to a computer which allows you direct access to a lot of
english. The big complaint I think is your lack of grammer. Please look at
(good) webpages and get a feel for english grammer. You don't even need great
grammer, you just need SOME grammer. I'd suggest reading news sites and
articles, paying attention to where they put commas, periods, and what letters
they capitolize. It's a strain to read ungrammered english, almost as bad as
english without spaces. I think some people may become irate because of the
time and effort they put into deciphering your emails, not the ideas you
present :)

> this sould explane the  how i can forget programming problem.
> well when i was young i got board while learning programming so i went
> to the fun part of the books and only did book code so.
> 1 it could be i never use the whole book while learning
> 2 it could be that i only did the book code and was board so when i stop
> i forgot how to  program.
> 3 all of the above.

soooo, you never really learned, you just keyed in snippets from books...

> this sould explane why you souldnt not like my unbeliveible ideas
> well all game programmers start with comeing up with ideas but must
> would give up thinking about the unrealstic ones like mega zzt 3d but
> they are not fakes they are just ideas in till made.

I don't think anyone claimed your ideas were 'fake'. I think there was question
of how interesting they would be if implemented, and question if someone
without a strong programming background could impliment them...

> this is a open public forum.
> this means you can talk about any thing that joys you are you have
> problems with on linux game programming
> are any thing realy but you dont like going off topic that why some
> complane about i sould only speak about linux game programming and not
> any thing else.

this is a place created for linux game developers, both those who are in need
of guidance and those who wish to guide (as well as clueless idiots like myself
who just want to pretend :). If I desired to talk about something totally
unrelated to games, I'd talk elsewhere, as to not irritate those with no
interest and short fuses. :)

> PS : if you didnt understand the mesaage up there.  what will you
> understand? that is completely understandible message up there so what
> do you not understand about it.
> PS2 : if you have game ideas that sound unrealstic are unreal keep them
> in your mind becuse some day they can become real  just dont give up
> were here to help.
> PS3  gameOS is a game development system that run both dos and linux
> games with out dosemu  but right now it just a idea stored in the big
> idea box of mine:

because dos and linux hardware access is so different and the wide spectrum of
architectures that linux supports, the only way to do that would be to make an
interpreter (code, bytecode, whatever). Java already does that, as does perl
and scheme and... If you want it to run as a native binary, it has to be
compiled specifically for the os, but there are plenty of cross platform sdk's
to make that a nominal task :)

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