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Re: am i a major problem?

Your a fuckin' idiot...

Bill Hirsh wrote:

> hi i seen bad messages about me i ws just wondering and i will answer
> all you questions.
> (this will majorly be off topic but well worth it)
> this sould explane the english problem.
> first off my mom took me out of school when i was in second grade
> andtold me she home school me but noo we dont hve enough money for that
> so it been 7 years and i havent gotten home school yet..
> this sould explane the  how i can forget programming problem.
> well when i was young i got board while learning programming so i went
> to the fun part of the books and only did book code so.
> 1 it could be i never use the whole book while learning
> 2 it could be that i only did the book code and was board so when i stop
> i forgot how to  program.
> 3 all of the above.
> this sould explane why you souldnt not like my unbeliveible ideas
> well all game programmers start with comeing up with ideas but must
> would give up thinking about the unrealstic ones like mega zzt 3d but
> they are not fakes they are just ideas in till made.
> this is a open public forum.
> this means you can talk about any thing that joys you are you have
> problems with on linux game programming
> are any thing realy but you dont like going off topic that why some
> complane about i sould only speak about linux game programming and not
> any thing else.
> PS : if you didnt understand the mesaage up there.  what will you
> understand? that is completely understandible message up there so what
> do you not understand about it.
> PS2 : if you have game ideas that sound unrealstic are unreal keep them
> in your mind becuse some day they can become real  just dont give up
> were here to help.
> PS3  gameOS is a game development system that run both dos and linux
> games with out dosemu  but right now it just a idea stored in the big
> idea box of mine:
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