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Re: am i a major problem?

I don't know what else to do to get off this stupid ass list.  There is
rarely a discussion about the topic. I've asked to be unsubscribed, and
didn't happen, so kiss my ass. I didn't ask to get this shit dumped in
mail box, in fact I fuckin' asked for it not to be.  So, don't fuckin
talk to
me about netiquette.

Maybe if their was any decent discussions on this lame ass list, and not
a bunch
of people trying to ride the coattails of others

Christian Reiniger wrote:

> Evan Dudley wrote:
> >Your a fuckin' idiot...
> You're ignoring elemental netiquette. He behaves better than you.
> >Bill Hirsh wrote:
>         Christian
> --
> Drive A: not responding...Formatting C: instead
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