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Re: .obj question

On Sat, 15 Jan 2000, Steve Baker wrote:

> Unfortunately, I'm not too impressed by the 3DS format either. One
> major problem is that it doesn't allow you to represent a heirarchy
> of objects.  There are 'objects' which can contain a collection of
> polygons - but no way to have objects inside other objects.
> So far, of the 3D formats I've looked at, VRML looks the most reasonable
> (if you ignore all the 'behavour' stuff and if you are prepared to deal
> with all the built-in shapes like cubes and spheres and such).
> The trouble with VRML is that it's *hard* to parse - although there are
> some OpenSource parsers floating around.

Another possible format that I think is pretty good is the ASE ascii format,
which 3d studio MAX generates. The format is not trivial, but I have the
syntax almost sorted out (in a form of a bison based parser).