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RE: Not Dead!

On 20-Jan-2000 Paul Tiseo wrote:
>     Hello list,
>     My attendance has been spotty of late, but I'm dropping a note to
> let you know I have advanced somewhat on the web pages. If you visit
> http://sunsite.auc.dk/lgdc/nextgen/main.php3, you'll find a test news
> list with some basic filtering options. CUrrently, the page that is up
> doesn't do extreme error checking on date entry, so bear with me. Feel
> free to visit and comment on it. I hope to have the articles script up
> by the weekend, with our current articles batch converted over into the
> MySQL db...
> PT

bright :) very bright. I like the buttons on the top right, and the logo looks
good, too. no sdl on the poll? :) some padding on the side tables might help,
so the letters aren't right at the edge... maybe some small images to line the
tables and give it a smoother more 3d look? looks really good (mebbe heavy on
yellows and reds, which tend to be more aggressive and panicked colors in most

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