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Re: Cryptoquotes

Sounds a bit like Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego...I remember playing
that on the apple II(ah, the memories :). Maybe you can build on the idea
and possibly change the emphasis to Geography....much easier to get photos
of the Eiffel tower than say a photo of Castle with retainers and all.
Maybe keep the idea of a interpol detective and the quest to catch a thief
but instead of the usual location clues, you could include your
crypto-quotes. Best of all it shouldn't be hard to write such a game.

At 05:59 PM 24/01/00 -0500, you wrote:
>Anybody have any ideas on what would make an interesting crypto-quote
>game.  My mother likes crypto-quotes and I thought it might be nice
>to put together a computer game for Mother's Day.  I know I could just
>create a cryto-quote but I'd like to make it more involved.  The only
>somewhat logical reason for crypto-quotes that I could think of would
>be passwords to a time machines.  Perhaps you're trying to catch some
>time-travelling villian.  You talk to people of area learn where he went.
>Solve cryto-quote to travel through time.  Repeat investigation.
>Dennis Payne
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