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Fwd: Migration from sunsite.auc.dk to sunsite.dk

Please read the text below. 

The core point is:
right now the mailing list manager doesn't do a simple but effective 
spam-preventing check. To reenable that check the list has to be 
"renamed" to listname@sunsite.dk (removing the ".auc") and all mails sent 
to the old adress will bounce.

That means: you'd have to make changes in your MUA's adressbook and 
eventually your .procmailrc

I think that's ok, and if no arguments against it are brought up I'll 
tell sunsite to make the change.

----------  Forwarded Message  ----------
Subject: Migration from sunsite.auc.dk to sunsite.dk
Date: 6 Jan 2001 22:06:17 -0000
From: Karsten Thygesen <karthy@SunSITE.dk>
To: announce@sunsite.dk


As most of you have seen, we have been in the progress of migrating
from sunsite.auc.dk to sunsite.dk during the last couple of months.

Our webserver will silently redirect people, and all our other
services do work at both domain names.

Once exception is our mailinglists, which uses the domainname as part
of very effective spam filtering: our lists requires the
listname@domainname to be part of To or Cc headers. In other words,
our lists does not accept postings not sent directly to the lists.

That very simple check removes far most spam postings, but our
list software can not check for two domainnames at once.

We can not easily move the lists from sunsite.auc.dk to sunsite.dk
without making all subscribes aware of the changes, and we are talking
about a lot of thousand people here.

So - what we have done now is, that we have disabled this check for
listname in the To/Cc headers and the mailinglists does now accept
mails at any address. We know, that the amount of spam will increase.

We hope, that each list-owner will discuss this issue with the list
subscribers, and if he/she finds the increased amount of spam
unacceptable, we will be more than happy to move the list to
sunsite.dk and re-enable the check. But please - only list-owners can
ask us to take that action. Once the check have been reenabled, the
list will not accept posting to listname@sunsite.auc.dk but only to
listname@sunsite.dk (postings will bounce).

We are very sorry about this inconvenience, but we can not find any
better way to make the changes.

Please contact staff@sunsite.dk for more information, questions or
requests to re-enable the spam filter.

Best regards,

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Christian Reiniger
LGDC Webmaster (http://sunsite.dk/lgdc/)

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