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Re: Autocad question

voidstar wrote:
> Does OpenGL can load Autocad files?

OpenGL only deals with *drawing* commands.  Hence it can't load *any*
files by itself.

What you need is a separate library that can load AutoCAD files into
it's own data structures and then draw them for you using OpenGL.

As it happens - I have just the thing for you.

My PLIB library contains a 'DXF' loader and can display what it loads
using OpenGL.

Grab a copy of PLIB from http://plib.sourceforge.net - there is a 'viewer'
example program in the examples bundle that should get you started.

I'm not 100% sure whether the DXF loader made it into the current 'stable'
PLIB release (1.2.0) - so you might need to get the unstable 'beta' 1.3.0
or even the current CVS version.  I *think* the DXF loader has been around
for a while though.

> What program do you suggest me to use for
> making 3d ambients/objects?

That's harder.  The only *really* comprehensive modeller for Linux that
I can suggest is 'Blender'.  Blender is a strange program because it's
user interface is...erm...weird.  Some people 'grok' it immediately and
just love it to bits - others find it so utterly unbearable that they
simply cannot use blender at all...even after doing all the tutorials
and reading the book.  I'm one such person - so I'm biassed.

There is a modeller 'in progress' that's based on the PLIB library (and
can therefore read DXF) called 'PrettyPoly' (http://prettypoly.sourceforge.net)
...but it's still quite a way from being truly useful.

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              WorkEmail: <sjbaker@link.com>
              HomePage : http://web2.airmail.net/sjbaker1
              Projects : http://plib.sourceforge.net

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