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Re: Question about 3dfx (V2) and X 4.0.1

Mads Bondo Dydensborg wrote:

> Slightly off topic, I am afraid, but I didn't know where else to ask.

Go to www.mesa3d.org and sign up to the Mesa mailing list - you'll get
a *really* authoritative answer there.

> Could anyone point me to information about making my Voodoo 2 cards (SLI
> 3dfx) work with X 4.0.1 and Mesa 3.x?

The problem is that the DRI stuff is really geared towards driving
3D in-a-window which is something that the Voodoo-2 cards *can't* do
(it's a hardware restriction).

So, you *may* be able to run Xfree 4.0.x - but you won't be running DRI - and
that mode may well give you severe problems.

Personally, I'd stick with Xfree 3.x.x and Mesa 2.2 or so.

> I have just installed Mandrake 7.2, and is quite confused... (Do I have to
> have DRI support for it to work? Is it enough for Mesa to support my 3dfx
> hardware? Is Mesa or X so flexible, that it support for 3dfx comes "out of
> the box"? Why does Mandrake install the 3dfx kernel level driver, but not
> any Glide rpms?

Well *probably* (although I'm not an expert) they support Voodoo-3 and up.
Voodoo-1 and -2 were pretty crippled hardwarily.

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