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Re: Question about 3dfx (V2) and X 4.0.1

Mads Bondo Dydensborg wrote:

> > The problem is that the DRI stuff is really geared towards driving
> > 3D in-a-window which is something that the Voodoo-2 cards *can't* do
> > (it's a hardware restriction).
> Well, I don't mind _not_ using DRI. I would like to use X4 for things like
> the new render stuff, antialised fonts, and so on, but I do not mind it
> using fullscreen only for 3D rendering.

I use a single Voodoo2 here with XFree86 4.0.1 and a Matrox Millenium
G200 SD. Make sure DRI is disabled in your XF86Config. If you are using
Red Hat 7.0, there is a specific pitfall to avoid: the kernel-headers
package is 2.4.0, but the Device3Dfx RPM needs the 2.2 headers to
compile. What I did is remore the kernel-headers package, install the
kernel-source package (which is 2.2.x), then made the proper links from
/usr/include (linux -> /usr/src/linux/include/linux and asm ->

You also have to use a proper libGL.so, but I didn't have to fuss much
with this, since my only use of the Voodoo is for Quake3 which comes
with its own Voodoo-supporting libGL.so.

"I've run DOOM more in the last few days than I have the last few
months. I just love debugging ;-)" -- Linus Torvalds

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