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RE: RFOR: Is LGDC really crap?

I have a lot of spare time at my job where I peruse internet  newssites.  I'm also
learning OpenGL and just got a book on Linux 3D programming.  I'd
be glad to help out with content.  But like I said, I agree with the statement that
very few people need to have this priviledge.  Unless you want Slashdot-like
news activity.  I do agree, this site is well-known, and I think with a few changes
could see a lot of improvement in popularity.  The creator has done a lot of great
work in the layout.  

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> "Green, Aaron" wrote:
> > But, if you really don't care about the site, then this effert would be well spent
> > somewhere else.
> The reason LGDC shouldn't be simply abandoned is that it's reasonably well
> known (especially by it's target audience) and is linked to from all over
> the place.  If someone wanted to start something like that from scratch, it
> would be very difficult to get noticed.
> > I'd personally love to see a good Linux game dev site happen.  I
> > have a site that is just sitting there waiting for good subject matter if needed.
> With the advent of affordable 24/7 DSL and cable connections, sites are easy
> to come by.  It's the content that's the problem.
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