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Re: RFOR: Is LGDC really crap?

On Thursday 03 January 2002 11:34 am, you wrote:
> On Wed, 2 Jan 2002, Christian Reiniger wrote:
> [..]
> No, LGDC is not crap.
> I (as usual) agree with Steve Bakers thoughts (notice how I do not, for
> this special occasion, call it ramblings) on the subject.
> More news on game _development_ stuff would be greatly appreciated if I
> should start visiting LGDC on a daily basis.

I agree. But don't let it end up like the GameDev.Net news, which is as far 
as I'm concerned, completely useless and void of any real content (it's all 
"I just finished version of my crappy particle demo. Check it 

Alas, there probably isn't that much real news about games development on a 
daily basis anyway, so finding Linux specific stuff will be a problem. And 
I'm not interested in finding out about every release of even the most 
obscure development tools.

> As it is now, I mostly visit to look for articles, which is rarely.

Same here.

What would be good if a searchable article thing, on the site (so they're all 
formated the same). I have a big binder here with various articles I've 
printed out, and it's a pain in the ass havign to deal with all the diferent 
layouts. I confuse easilly, see?

On the topic of articles, I've recently written a series for a UK magazine 
(Linux Format), and it's been six months since a few of them have been 
printed, which means I can give them to other ppl again, if you're 

> I value this mailinglist the most.

Havn't I seen you posting on the gamedev-linux list? TRAITOR! *grin*

Seriously though, I don't see much value on the lsit. When I first joined up, 
it was mostly discussing the LGDC website itself, with very little real 
content. THings have changed slightly, but there is still plenty of 
"off-topic" stuff going on.

Now some comments on other posts:

Mads, if you go to #gamedev on irc.afternet.org, there are usually quite a 
few artists in there who are willing to do stuff. Some of them are quite good 
(and cute), too. Tell them you're a friend of mine, and enjoy the warm 
reception *grin*. AVoid the Help Wanted forum on the GDNet site though (it's 
filled with people looking for help, and not offering it)...

Development diaryies are a GOOD idea. I'd love to have one. I need somewhere 
to rant about the state of the industry as a whole, but none of the major 
sites are willing to do it (except Games Mania, but I havn't heard from them 
for quite a while, is that Sam gal still on this list? If so, mail me. I've 
got some articles for you.)

P.S. If Ouleyesi on this list?

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