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RE: Where do I begin?

It's always better (and easier) to know what your goal is before you start working towards it, rather than hope it'll make it self clear after you've started underway.. you know?

Why not create a game (or whatever) mimicking a particular game/style that you are interested in?  You'll have a common reference for your members instead of just a vague "let's make something cool" idea.


Patrick Jenkins
>From: "Green, Aaron"
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>To: "'linuxgames@sunsite.dk'"
>Subject: RE: Where do I begin?
>Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2002 23:47:46 -0500
>Actually, I'm up for suggestions on that too. It is a project to learn how to completely
>make a game. I've heard the CS engine is better with FPS games, so I chose
>that. I also would like to incorporate multiplayer support (since any major game
>these days does). I've simply got two goals at this point, learning and a nice playable
>game at completion. I've started up a C++ game development group that will all
>participate in the project (at least anyone who wants to learn) so that's the reason
>I went with a larger project. I just think a team environment would be a good
>learning experience. We actually could use more members, but I'll do it with
>whomever joins up. Anyway, that's about all the info I have at this moment.
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> > Subject: Re: Where do I begin?
> >
> > Tell us about your project. What kind of game is it? What features do
> > you wish it to have? Stuff like that.
> >
> > -Bakemono
> >
> > Green, Aaron wrote:
> >
> > >I'm going to be using the Crystal Space 3D engine for my project, but a question
> > >just popped into my head that is pretty important. Where is the best place to begin?
> > >Sure, I realize planning is the first step, but I'm talking about the code. Every
> > >book I have simply walks through a 3D engine, but obviously, I already have
> > >that.
> > >
> >

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