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Re: Short sleeps.

Steve Baker wrote:

> I'm looking for something creative - but without the paperclip!
> Any ideas?  (Yeah - I know "Buy an Alpha" :-)

I'm no kernel expert but I don't believe that it isn't possible at present, 
especially on systems with a large number of processes. The new scheduler
*may* allow this to be done, but until that becomes part of the stable
tree I think you need to apply a realtime patch to get this to work. As I 
understand it - which could be utter bollocks, as I say I'm no kernel hacker 
- even if there was a method to request a processor-relinquishing 1ms delay 
the chances are that under the current kernel versions you would not get the 
processor back for well over that, the additional delay depending upon the 
number of processes running at the time. The only alternative being to sit 
on the processor and hope your timeslice doesn't expire just as soon as the 
1ms is reached.


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