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Re: Loki...

Steve Baker wrote:

> That's certainly a valid criticism - and TCOTEO addresses that
> (if I ever get it done).  They were designed to be like console
> games because my primary motivation was to get my (then 8 year old)
> son interested - and he was very much into Mario'64 and MarioKart
> which have more than a passing resemblance to TuxAQFH and TuxKart!

I'm curious about that -- building a game with your son. I have a 9 
yr old and I'm trying to the same thing. I'm curious how you went 
about it, what he was and wasn't able to do, lessons learned, that 
kind of thing. If you get a chance, I don't want to take time away 
from the next game after all ;)

> It's not a total loss though - FlightGear is pretty successful - and
> it uses 65,000 lines of code (my PLIB library) and about 100,000 lines
> of it's own code.  Looking at it another way, 93% of the code that I
> wrote for TuxKart is in FGFS!

PLIB is a great library. I've learned a lot from it myself.

> My point is though that for Linux to be a gamer's platform with *only*
> OpenSource games, we'd have to produce a great game every month.

Okay point taken. Even if OSS *could* produce that much, most of 
them would be copies of existing commercial games anyway, for the 
reasons that you've already mentioned. Though if OSS != Free ($) 
there's always a chance.

> But would you really set out to write something of that magnitude
> if you knew that it would be played for a month or two and then forgotten?

No, I wouldn't, unless I was getting something else out of it, like 
you with your son.

You know, racesims have a pretty active free content community, 
particularly GPL and SCGT. Maybe there's something to be learned there.